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  • Danielle Louise

Week 2 | Industry Today

Lecture notes

In conversation with Maziar Raein, associate professor at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Exploring the historical overview of graphic design, how it is fragmenting, how boundaries have changed, and how technology is changing practice by allowing us to connect and collaborate around the world.

  • A whole generation of young artists who had grown up in the 70s and 60s were beginning to come to fruition in the 80s.

  • Reacting against the current political climate of the time. With artists like Barney Bubbles and Jamie Reid.

  • Big emphasis within education and within practice on branding and logo design.

  • sense of independence about the graphic designer that came up in the 80s.

  • Corita Kent - contributed to independent practice.

  • One of the things that happened in the 80s was of course this idea of universal design was challenged by younger designers.

  • going to speak, going to interview people, going to visit archives, visit libraries, to handle things, to look at things, to perhaps get some insights from people that have that deeper knowledge base in a more historical or processed way, is really, really important.

  • I call it micro utopias. I see lots of young people really interested, not changing the world but their little bit of the world, what they can change in a positive way.

It is interesting to hear about the history of design to Maziar. Particularly what she mentions at the end of her talk about the young generation of designers now. Some people consider generation Z to be lazy and addicted to technology but that isn't the case. We are more collaborative and interested in craft than people would expect I think. It is also interesting and learning about the term 'micro- utopias'.

Task 1 | Design Practice

Select three practices / businesses you feel summarise your city today, in terms of design practice. Design Practices in Devon. Practices / businesses I feel summarise my living area, in terms of design practice. I have chosen practices that interest me and appeal to my design style, based in my city of Exeter.

Studio Illicit

Exeter, Devon.

"Studio Illicit's standout style comes straight off the main stage."

Founded by 3 directors who used to be a touring indie band. Studio Illicit now has 8 employees and specialises in branding and web design. They has a very unique style and use their musician past to influence their work. They have a modern and alternative style to their personal branding and being situated in McCoys Arcade also defines their edge as a business.

Buddy Creative

Exeter, Devon.

"We create ideas — memorable ideas. Each solving a communication need effectively. We don’t like to be 'pigeon-holed’ as we work across a broad range of design disciplines on a diverse spectrum of design challenges from TV identities to tissues."

Founded in 2007 by David Jones and Mark Girvan. Buddy Creative specialise in branding and packaging design - creating a lot of design for the food and beverage industry. Their brand identity reflects their friendly and approachable persona.

Drive Creative Studio

Exeter, Devon.

"Drive is an award-winning multi-disciplinary creative design studio, dedicated to building brands with big ideas."

Drive Creative Studio was founded in 2013 and is located slightly further out from the centre of Exeter. They specialise in a range of branding, digital and animation design. Their identity is more corporate than the other studios which shows in some of their clients - working for the RAMM and Exeter City Council.

Task 2 | Design Production

Select three places for design production in your city (letterpress, screen printing, web development, litho printers, 3D manufacturers, commercial printers, Risograph printers, bookbinders, signwriting, laser cutting, video production, audio production etc)


Exeter, Devon.

Stormpress is an independant print and design company. They provide print services for creative agencies, commercial, professional, hospitality, public, non-profit and events. Business stationary, marketing materials, signage and packaging are just some of their printed products.

Preston Street Films

Exeter, Devon.

Preston Street Films stretches the boundaries of documentary and branded video production. They provide creative development, production and post production services and have decades of experience in making content for brands, for broadcast and for the big screen.

Dingle Design

Credition, Devon.

I spotted a van for Dingle Design while driving around my local area in Honiton. Dingle Design is a blacksmith/ forge master and artist. Owner Matt Coe has been designing and forging metals for 23 years. He creates a range of products from indoor railings, tables, seating, outdoor sculptures and fireplaces.

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