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  • Danielle Louise

Week 6 | Noticing the Ignored

Experiential Drawing, Capture, Writing, Recording, Play, Photography.

Lecture notes

How do I use the unnoticed?
How do I use recording tools to capture information?
How can you really look at something from multiple ways of seeing?
How can you capture and record in multiple ways?

"In societies wheremodern conditions of production prevail, all of life presents itself as a
mass accumulation ofspectacles.Everything that was directly lived has moved away into a
representation.The spectacle is not a collection of images, but a social relation among
people, mediated by images.” Guy Debord, Society of the Spectacle (1967)


Look, explore and record a local geographic area. Come up with something unique to your street.

Exploring, documenting and evidencing an area within 2 miles of where I live and creating an interpretation of my place in a form of media. In the end, I chose to explore Clapper Lane in Honiton which leads to a place I usually walk the dog - Coombe Wood - only 1.6 miles from where I live.

I had a couple of other places in mind before deciding on this place. I live on a new build estate which I thought could be interesting because of the constant building work that is going on. I also looked at a lane near to me which is a very green area but has a busy motorway next to it. However these places weren't sparking much creativity - I think because of the industrial side as you can see below.

Clapper Lane/Combe Wood, Honiton

A place I visit every now and again to walk the dog; Clapper Lane has some beautiful countryside and a national trust forest. I took photographs to document the area and visited a couple of times.

Coming up with a unique piece to the area was more difficult than I imagined. I thought about creating an illustrative pattern at first that used visuals from the images I had taken; for example the sign, leaves and trees. However this wasn't an idea I ran with. I think because I chose somewhere that is out in nature - creating something very digital doesn't seem to fit.
I decided to revisit the area and pick up some pieces of nature from that place that I could use in some medium. I have recently been experimenting with dried flowers and glass, so decided to use one of these glass bottles in my outcome. As you can see below I arranged the pieces I got from my place into the glass bottle and photographed this.

Final Outcome

After editing the photo. have come up with this as my final outcome. I feel this is a good representation of my place. A bottled piece of Clapper Lane. You could do this for any area to have a piece of any place with you in a bottle.

There may be a way of evolving this more - photographing it back in Clapper Lane, or making it into some kind of poster. This may be something I explore more in the future.

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