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Professional and Affordable Websites - How to get Online on a Budget

If you are just starting out in business, a website can be an essential tool to advertise your services. However this can be seen as daunting and an expensive cost for a start-up or entrepreneur.

Having a website for your business can be a great way to market yourself, find new customers and easily display your services. If you already have a following on Facebook and Instagram; creating your website can be the next step in growing your business and allowing any of your new audience to have a place which has all your information in one place. It is also good to think about starting your own website if you are currently selling on a place like Facebook, Etsy or Not on the High Street; these are good for staring out but if you already have a following, you could save yourself paying listing or transaction fees when selling on your own website.

Online website builders are a brilliant tool to get started and means you can work solely with a designer to build your site, instead of having to also use developers. Using website builders also means you don't have to worry about hosting or SSL certificates (security certificates) as it is all included in the plan. Domains can also be included or they can be easily connected to your site from a third party source.

When it comes to actually building your site, using an online website builder means you can work with one designer to get everything done easily. At South West Design, we have completed a few website designs for clients and also created our own site with Wix. Wix and Squarespace are the sites we use and recommend; both have different features and plans that would appeal to different types of businesses. Wix I would say gives more freedom design-wise and is also cheaper if you don't need to accept payments. Whereas Squarespace is more structured and would be the cheaper option if you need to accept payments if you're running an online store.

I would suggest buying any domains from GoDaddy as it is a reliable source for domains and usually gives a great price. You can then easily link your domain to your Wix or Squarespace site which provides the hosting, certificate and have many other features like analytics and publishing on Google. Although buying a annual plan with either of these website builders will get you a free domain for the year.

We can provide an affordable service for anyone looking to get online efficiently. A good looking and easy to use website is what we look to create that shows off your company in the best possible way.

If you would be interested in knowing more or would like to start creating your website, please do get in touch!


Danielle Louise


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