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Updated: Apr 30, 2020

New Ideas are within all of us, whether your looking to solve a problem, looking to help others around you, to be creative or to improve your income; Ideas are the heart of everything.

There are many design company's out there that offer amazing services, but often not at an affordable price for a smaller business.

South West Design was created to offer design services to the entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses out there and to help you get the best design help for you business to look the part.

South West Design was started by a freelancer taking the next step to make dreams a reality. I have been working with small business for the past few years, realising the great ideas people have and the passion to create something of their own. I have that same passion, making work in this field even more enjoyable.

Not too long in the future I hope to be creating a range of content that relates to starting your business, including using your brand identity through different platforms, why branding is important and using templates for your social channels.

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