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Why is Your Brand Identity Important?

Having a recognisable and aesthetic brand identity can help a business to thrive. But what is brand identity and why is it important?

Your brand identity visually represents your company. It is a combination of your logo design, colour scheme and typography etc, that creates your overall company image. These assets are then implemented onto several marketing assets like printed materials (business cards, leaflets), your website and social media.

Your identity should represent your company's product or service as well as having its own personality and consistency. Having a well designed identity will appeal to your target market and makes your business look as professional as is.

Mindful is one of my own creations, a app aimed at helping those struggling with their anxiety and other mental health problems, giving access to advice, resources and support.

This gives an example of brand identity that works. The colours appeal to the nature of the app being a place to relax and for support. It has smooth curves in the logo and the smile to represent emotion - but to make it look positive. The graphic elements also match the logo and a simple typeface which has a range of weights has been picked to differentiate from the logo. This would be used on a website, printed items and social media for consistency.

The image to the left is a slimmed down version of a style guide. Most companies have a style guide that is used to show how your identity should be implemented. Sticking to this will allow all of your business assets to look the same, which then makes your business recognisable to customers and makes you look professional to potential customers. Your company's identity is usually the first impression of your business, making it speak for you and stand out will set you apart from others.

If you have any questions or would be interested in creating your brand identity for your business, please get in touch below. You can also take a look at our brand identity package that would provide you with an original logo design, colour palette, typeface, graphic elements and a brand style guide to allow your identity to be applied through all applications. It's a great place to get started.

Thanks for reading!


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